//Gap of Dunloe (The Black Valley) Wedding

Gap of Dunloe (The Black Valley) Wedding

Aisling and Aiden from Dublin chose one of the most beautiful places in Kerry to have their ceremony, in the Black valley up the Gap of Dunloe.

It was interesting trying to deliver the flowers to the church as we kept getting stuck behind all the traps (horse and cart) along the way! But we made it and it was worth all the effort.

The flowers Aisling chose we simple and elegant.  We use sweet avalanche roses and pale pink peonies for her own bouquet.

For her bridesmaid we went with just roses and for the flower girl a pale pink pomander using crysanths.

Church Altar Pink Roses

The church flowers were mainly the avalanche roses with white orchids (dendrobium). We used two bay trees filled with avalanche roses at the entrance to the church and a single rose on each pew end.


Church Wedding Bay Trees

Gap of Dunloe Church Altar

Wedding Rose Church Pews

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